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Mafu Darshan

 Week 24  (December 3-9,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 3/21/2004 66 min.
The Will of Love
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Will means disciple and Guru, You can speak the word, Will.  You speak, ’ I am the Disciple, I am the Guru right now.’  The disciple has learned enough to know he is on the ocean with the Master and he particularly likes the thought of getting to the other side and he loves to see as many that can come with and this is how you really are."

In this consummate understanding of walking a path of Spirit using our “Will” as a tool of attaining liberation, Mafu dialogues the infinite power revealed in the eternal relationship between the Guru and Disciple; the bond of Profound Love.  Mafu explains how our commitment is necessary to negotiate the many journeys taken on a path of Self Realization, as the ocean of the Self is crossed in the quest to attain Enlightenment and Illumination.

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