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As the Mother of all Healing, the Green Tara shelters All beings in Her Loving embrace and is the Spiritual Bestower of all Health, Upliftment and Well-Being.

The loving embrace of the Goddess Tara radiates outwardly as Kindness, Compassion and Healing for All from worldly or spiritual concerns.

May the powerful blessings of Peace, Health, Wealth and Love be Yours.

May the prayers of all Bodhisattvas and the blessings of all Spiritual Beings enter your heart and hold in their hands all your precious needs.  May all your needs be exactly what you intend and may your intentions move in you, from you and return to you with the strength and the power of Living your Life as Divinity Now!  So be it!

" May the wicked become good,
May the good obtain peace,
May the peaceful be freed from bonds,
May the free set others free."
- Prayer of a Bodhisattva                

 Prayer requested by:  christian Submitted:  7.10.24 | 7:56 PM 
Om Tara Tare Tam SvahaPnum: 116865
Beloved Father, I Love You. I joined Ammaji and others in immediate prayer and chant for The complete cessation of the fires near Salt Creek road in eagle point, Oregon. I call upon the brotherhood I call upon the mother the goddess, Tara quanyin wanataka Kali durga , I call upon the Father to bless and immediately put out all the fires near Salt Creek road, so that they turn in on themselves immediately And are put out now! Yes thank you God. Thank you Goddess. Thank you, Guru! Aum Namah Siv

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