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Dear Home Study Family,


We send you our heartfelt love and appreciation for your patience as we work to prepare and upload the next Series in our Home Study program with our Beloved Guru Sri Isa Mafu this year.  We were, and still are, shocked and heartbroken by the very unexpected passing of Sri Isa Mafu’s cherished disciple and our brother, David Gelfand.  We were all so very focused on David’s healing and his life ahead that we were completely unprepared for this advent.  David was very skilled and handled many things in our A/V department, for our Guru Sri Isa Mafu, for our Foundation and all of us, including the Home Study program.

Sri Isa Mafu and our Swami, Ammaji, are providing us with guidance and insight as we regroup and reassemble our team so that we may continue providing Sri Isa Mafu’s Home Study program for all of you.  We are pleased to share with you that Mafu has requested of Molly Needleman that she take over the responsibilities once held for us by David Gelfand for over thirty years.  We are blessed that Molly is a quick learner and has a lot of AV experience and Ammaji is working closely with Molly and I to bring us up to speed very, very quickly…  which is happening!

In the meantime, we are offering all 26 of Sri Isa Mafu’s Darshans from the first two series of Year 18 of our Home Study Program for your unlimited review.  These beautiful darshans can be found by clicking on “Upcoming" in the left menu and we have also provided direct links below for your convenience.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to compile and share Series III of Sri Isa Mafu’s Home Study program with you.


With gratitude,

Marla and Molly

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