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Mafu Darshan

 Week 13  (September 14-20,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 5/6/2008 90 min.
Chakric Application of Manifest Destiny
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Your past must be forgiven.  The past of others must be forgiven.  In your life, what has happened is growing behind you and beneath you as fresh water and green grass and is entering you as pure energy and is becoming you as life or death.  You choose.  It is up to you."

In this darshan, Mafu summarizes the Laws of Self Approval, Conviction, Attraction, Gratitude and Momentum with great inspiration and humor.  Then, using sound and color, He guides an extraordinary Mantra/Heart Chakra/Prana Meditation.  Mafu elevates and harmonizes the vibrational levels of our sub-atomic bodies to the many attunements gained through our studies with Him of 'Manifest Destiny' and the Laws of the Universe.

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