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Mafu Darshan

 Week 18  (October 16-22,  2017)

Mafu Darshan 6/24/2012 100 min.
Royal Road Breath Technique Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Where the memory brain remembers to be Invincible, whether you have been or not. To be immortal, whether you have been or not... you thought you were.  To be wealthy, whether you have been or not... you have dreamed You Are.  Step away from victim consciousness into Dream Consciousness and Formulate Dreams with enjoyable sensations, not worry."

In this powerful Meditation Initiation, Guru Dev gives a profound understanding of the Consciousness of the Royal Road and how it relates to the science of the brain, mind and Meditation.  He draws our focus to the Astral Body and explains how through Visualization, Breath and Meditation, we develop Awareness of the 'One'.

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