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Mafu Darshan

 Week 19  (October 27 - November 2,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 7/31/2006 69 min.
Meditation for Peace
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"This world will not be destroyed, to this I give you my word.  I know there are other Masters that teach that it will be so they try and protect the bodies of their students.  If the world is going to be destroyed the human body is nothing.  I tell you this world will not be destroyed but your human body is not enough to make the effort to change war.  You must touch in the Spirit, in the Spirit, in the Spirit, in the Spirit, this is what speaks to the Heart of all men and You Are far more potent to speak from your Spirit than any poem you could ever write, any lecture you could ever give, because your Spirit is Pure and You Are Love."

In this profound Prayer Meditation for Peace, Mafu calls upon the leaders of all nations, Spirit to Spirit to answer the Call for Peace.  Mafu teaches of the Great Brotherhood of the Aboriginal Elders and guides a Powerful Meditation combining Sacred Mantras with the Ancient Spirit Sounds of the Didgeridoo.

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