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Mafu Darshan

 Week 22  (November 14-20,  2017)

Mafu Darshan 7/7/1991 20 min.
Identity/Association Formula for Manifesting
Swami's Private Residence

"When it is that You are Seeking to be Knowledgeable and to utilize the Profundity of what You Are wanting out of Your Life, You must Create the Identity You Are within.  I have spoken of this thing called ‘Identity’.  In Creating the Understanding of Identity You must be Capable of Compartmentalizing Yourself into Specific Identities."

In this detailed workshop on becoming Self Empowered using the Way of the Tao, Mafu gives specific tools applying personality identification and association for the Attainment of Successful Manifestation of Self Empowerment and Fulfillment.

"Move your projected personality as the Tao, move into the arenas of need."

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