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Mafu Darshan

 Week 22  (November 17-23,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 10/22/2006 50 min.
The Dimension of Illumination - Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You have practiced the single most important tool that you have for life and for death or transition.  To the practitioner of Meditation who has by practice learned to stabilize the mind in the presence of anything.  This is the One, who at the time of transition having reviewed the kindly words, having exemplified itself with the sound of Transcendence, having stabilized that Sound and that Vision and that Mindlessness...  This is the One who sits alone or in the presence of those it loves and in Meditation transists from this world into Illumination.  Now your studies of the Book of the Dead become more sincere and the aptitude of Your Meditation is Key.  This is why I call You to the Ashram to practice Meditation."

In this Darshan, Mafu initiates a profound Meditation technique transcending the “Dimension of Blackness into the Dimension of Illumination”, explaining how the Practiced Meditator does not confuse this place with non-existence but rather observes it.  Mafu explains how sleep is essential for stabilizing the mind in Transcendence and sincerely encourages us to “Take care of your relationship to the Guru.  Every day commit a moment to the Love…”.

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