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Mafu Darshan

 Week 42  (April 6-12,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 10/12/2007 90 min.
Vibrate Your Mind to the Sound of Peace
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The Brush of Your Consciousness has many colors to what You Will and so you must practice Your Will every morning before you start your day.  'I Will receive my day easily and happily.  I Will make a difference in World Peace as I focus my mind that all humans, wicked and divine, obtain the next level of Generous Love."

In this Powerful teaching on creating Affluence and Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Spiritual Awakening, Mafu guides a Liberation Meditation and gives a number of tools and examples focusing on the Empowerment of Peace, Prosperity and Joy in all areas of our human lives.

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