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Mafu Darshan

 Week 52  (June 11-17,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 5/19/1993 60 min.
Becoming Beautiful in Your Own Presence
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"As a Master, I Am your mirror and show to You your own Beauty, your Goodness and how much You Are Loved.  In this Meditation, when You Are breathing, know that We Are breathing together as one breath.  As though I Am the wind and You Are a mountain whose meadow calls to Me and I come upon You and You Are the wind and I Am a tree whose branches call to You and You come upon Me and the Meditation dances."

In this Darshan, Mafu expands on the Principles and Properties of Kundalini giving an understanding of the significant responsibility of approaching these Sacred Studies with the attitude of Life and Joy.  He explains that the essential Power of Kundalini will magnify whatever we put our focus on and dialogues the Properties of the 'White Light' that is revealed as the Kundalini arises and greater Enlightenment occurs.

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