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Audio CD's - Ashram Chants I

More Info    Arati: The Sound of Devotion
1 - Arati
2 - Sri Krisna
3 - Introductory Mantras
4 - Om Guru  Sample Audio 
In this beautiful recording, Swami Paramananda Saraswatti (Ammaji) chants the ancient sanskit 'Arati' and 'Om Guru'.  These chants worship and celebrate life in the state of grace between the human and divine worlds.  All tracks of Swami and the musicians have been studio recorded on digital multi-track, analog mixed, and digitally mastered.

More Info    Can You Hear the Wind
1 - Can You Hear the Wind
2 - Tidepool Meditation
   Sample Audio 
This specific meditation for healing was recorded at night under a moonlit sky by the ocean in Maui, Hawaii.  Mafu speaks poetically of the dance of the ocean and its lover the moon as they call to each other.  Mafu then guides the 'tidepool meditation', which mixes the healing sounds of the ocean with ancient mantras offered by the Guru.

More Info    Hare Om
   Sample Audio 
This extraordinary chant was introduced by Swami Paramananda Saraswatti in a state of trance and has become one of our most highly sought after chants.  The familarity and absorbtion evoked by 'Hare Om' create a unique transcendent experience.

More Info    Mother & Child White Light Meditation
   Sample Audio 
In this powerful guided kundalini meditation, Mafu awakens the compassionate mother within the Self to heal the hurt of the inner child, thereby releasing the pain of the conditioned world through acceptance and forgiveness.

More Info    Paramatman Dharma Morning Practices
1 - Prayer of a Bodhisattva
2 - Selected Verses
   Sample Audio 
This stirring recording is played daily at Mafu's Paramatman Dharma Ashram above Ashland, Oregon during morning practices and includes Mafu's  'Prayer of a Bodhisattva', introductory mantras, and selected verses from 'Sri Guru Paduka-Pancakam', the 'Universal Prayer', 'Sadguru Ki Arati' and 'Jyota se Jyota' all led by Swami Parmananda Saraswatti (Ammaji).

    5 Audio CD Set - Series I

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