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Insight for Men - Series II

   Darshan 1
   The Heart of Man
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In this darshan, Mafu describes the great power found living the way of compassion, peace, happiness and joy.  Mafu also explains love using the six-sided mirror of perception.

   Darshan 2
   Fragile Man
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Mafu reveals the secret of how men can use the mind to connect to the power of spirit to empower their life and the lives of those whom they love.

   Darshan 3
   Men on Their Path
     Sample Video 
Mafu talks about the beauty and power of the spirit of men and explains the critical importance of camaraderie and support of one another on the path.

    Insight for Men - Series II  (3 DVD Set)

     3 DVD Set (Darshans 1-3, discounted price) Price: $74.99
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