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Universal Darshans Series III

   Darshan 1
   One Precious Life
     Sample Video 
In this intimate dialogue, Mafu talks about how precious we are to him and how much he loves us. He expresses that we are the bodhisattvas of his heart, and emotionally explains how our passion and longing to remind and awaken those that we love has brought us back here to third-dimensional time.

   Darshan 2
   The Mind of Light
     Sample Video 
Beginning with a quiet meditation, Mafu gives an amazing dialogue on the mind and what we perceive as real.  He reminds us how beautiful we are as the light and how the guru is like a 'groupie' who follows that light.  Mafu also implores us to appreciate how precious our lives are and reminds us how we can never really die.  

   Darshan 3
   The Awakening Human
     Sample Video 
In this enlightening discourse, Mafu discusses the different levels of initiation that the awakening human experiences.  Mafu also guides a beautiful initiation during this darshan which helps to give us a greater understanding of how we can advance and grow in our meditations.

   Darshan 4
   Follow Only Your Heart
     Sample Video 
A magnificent dialogue on living the wisdom of the Master from your heart and not being a follower. Mafu dialogues the importance of spiritual practices and employing the principles of the path in our lives.  Mafu specifically addresses the importance of inputting positivity, happiness and joy into our human life.  A transcendent meditation guided by Mafu is included.

    Universal Darshans Series III  (4 DVD Set)

     4 DVD Set (Darshans 1-4, discounted price) Price: $99.99
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