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Insight for Men - Series I

   Darshan 1
   The Spirit of Ability
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In this darshan, Mafu describes in great detail the path necessary for a man to walk in seeking his enlightened, higher Self.  He gives a powerful discourse on the purpose, goals and soul of a man in his quest for Self realization.

   Darshan 2
   You Have to be the Quarterback
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Mafu explains the difference between how a western man has been taught by society and what he must know to experience the Self.  He reveals how to release the demons of the mind in order to attain the powers of the Self.

   Darshan 3
   Never Lose Your Center
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Mafu dialogues the importance of harnessing the power of transcendence in order to express Self joy as well as explains the method for a man to awaken his own divinity.

   Darshan 4
   Compartmentalize Your Life
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Mafu shares an amazing lesson in the principles of integrity and honor and reveals the secrets to becoming a great man and a great mystic.  He challenges us to put our lives in compartments and become completely present within each area.

    Insight for Men - Series I  (4 DVD Set)

     4 DVD Set (Darshans 1-4, discounted price) Price: $99.99
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