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Insight for Women - Series IV

   Darshan 1
   The Equality of the Kali Yuga
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In this revealing darshan, Mafu tells the story of how many souls from around the universe are gathering together to assist in harmonizing Superconsciousness during this Kali Yuga.

   Darshan 2
   The Story of the Shoalin Nuns
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Mafu relates the fascinating tale of how the Shoalin nuns served as pioneers for all women seeking the path of Self realization.  He describes how this group of 300 women changed the course of study in many ashrams from the art of waging war to that which they mastered - the art of giving life.

   Darshan 3
   Hu Transcendent Meditation
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In this stirring darshan, Mafu instructs us on how to move like an ancient Sufi mystic to the sacred sound of Hu.  He then guides a powerful meditation in transcendent awareness.

   Darshan 4
   The Breath of Isis
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With snow gently falling in the background, Mafu addresses the unique qualities of being a woman.  He gives a remarkable dialogue on the path and the power of the goddess and how the goddess began the human's quest to remember.

    Insight for Women - Series IV  (4 DVD Set)

     4 DVD Set (Darshans 1-4, discounted price) Price: $99.99
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