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Universal Darshans Series II

   Darshan 1
   The Diamond of Consciousness
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"I am anything I completely focus my mind upon".  This is an awesome dialogue on utilizing the power of the human mind to find love in every circumstance.  Mafu explains how the human mind in meditation can bypass it's attachment to the body, sleep and dream states.  Mafu also reveals how to uncover the doorway to experience beginning levels of superconsciousness.

   Darshan 2
   Revealing Superconsciousness through Meditation 
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In this brilliant darshan on the first day of the new millennium, Mafu explains the purpose and personality of meditation defining the essential relationship between the conscious, unconscious and superconscious minds. 

   Darshan 3
   Beginning Meditation Initiation
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Mafu gives an initiation dialogue and meditation perfect for beginning meditators.  He explains the purpose of meditation, and gives a profound understanding of how electrical impulses from our life experiences create a network of thought patterning.  He reveals how transcendent meditation purifies these habitual impulses, and emphasizes the importance of focusing on happiness during integration.

   Darshan 4
   Parallel Consciousness Retreat
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In this historic darshan from the ancient land of Australia, Mafu gives an in-depth dialogue on what it means to be on a spiritual path, to walk one's life inside the Buddha smile.  Mafu dialogues the light of the Australian spirit and reveals the great changes that are to come in this most auspicious land.  Mafu then initiates everyone into a meditation technique for the awareness and attainment of astral body consciousness. 

   Darshan 5
   The Breath of Liberation
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In this magnificent initiation, Mafu guides a sweeping transcendent meditation teaching a technique utilizing the ida and pingala nerves.  He explains the role of the central nervous system as the passageway for human thought.  Mafu also gives instructions for the 'lightening breath', or the breath of liberation, and how it is used in transcendent meditation. 

    Universal Darshans Series II  (5 DVD Set)

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