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Universal Darshans Series I

   Darshan 1
   Release Your Fear to God
     Sample Video 
In this very first Mafu Global Darshan, Mafu teaches a powerful technique to help us liberate what controls our minds, thereby showing us how to reclaim our power by placing our fear at the feet of God.  Mafu also invokes a beautiful prayer blessing our families, ancestors, angels and guides.  He gives us a great tool for creating peace in our lives and minds by allowing all disharmony to be absorbed by the grace of the God within us.

   Darshan 2
   The Mystery of the Self 
     Sample Video 
Mafu tells this very funny story about teachings from his Guru on the great mystery of the Self.  Mafu also guides an expansive meditation placing the elements of what controls our lives upon the altar inside our minds to transform all darkness into the light.  In this meditation, the next step from Mafu's previous darshan, Mafu gives a more detailed visualization to assist us in creating peace in our lives and releasing all disharmony. 

   Darshan 3
   Practicing Joy
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In this passionate darshan, Mafu talks about confusion and how boredom is one of the great spiritual diseases.  Mafu tells us how the medicine of meditation, involvement and activation is the way to transcend that suffering into joy.  Mafu also reminds us how the purpose of our vows is to assist us on our path to enlightenment.

   Darshan 4
   Love Will Show You the Way
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Mafu dialogues in detail how to recognize that we are the source of love and truth.  He teaches us that our souls are starving for the water of love and how to release all pain, fear and doubt of the human mind so that we need not suffer.  Mafu offers an exercise to assist us in altering our human patterning and to allow us to only focus on what brings us happiness and joy. 

    Universal Darshans Series I  (4 DVD Set)

     4 DVD Set (Darshans 1-4, discounted price) Price: $99.99
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