The Mind is the Power - Manifesting Series

In this extraordinary series of discourses, Mafu focuses on the unfolding of the western spiritualist who seeks fulfillment and self realization in this lifetime.

Beginning in 1990 and culminating on New Year's Eve of 2000, this series details the steps involved in creating our own empowerment through the power of our perception...  the power of our mind opening through the power of our spirit.

Mafu gives profound tools that guide the seeker toward the liberation of the mind in the quest for self realization.  He defines the conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds and gives profound visualization meditations to open the door of our unconscious mind.  This awareness enables us to realize our dreams by manifesting peace, abundance, happiness and love in our human lives.

In this darshan series, Mafu gives us ways to discover ourselves empowered and aware, answering the calling of our souls with its infinite passion for truth and liberation.

We offer our deepest pranyams and greatest heart to our Guru and his Oracle for this incredible gift of love.  May each step we walk on our path toward self love be our return to you, Mafu.  May our reunion with you one day bring fulfillment for all mankind now and forever...

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