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Path to the Light - Series I

   Darshan 1
   'Maha Guru' Initiation
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This is an historical initiation into the 'Maha Atman' or 'The Great Self' Meditation.  Mafu guides a step by step understanding of this most significant and revolutionary meditation practice.

   Darshan 2
   The Mastery of 'Maha Guru'
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In this darshan Mafu brilliantly grows the 'Maha Guru' technique revealing the secret of each chakra to further advance the practice of the meditator.  This darshan, originally given only to Mafu's Mastery Program, is an invaluable refinement of this important initiaton."

   Darshan 3
   The Movement into 'Maha Guru'
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Mafu introduces step three of the 'Maha Guru' initiation.  He demonstrates the use of sound through the movement of yoga while playing the Taiko drum.  Mafu then gives a fascinating dialogue on the human ego and the Buddha mind.  "The Self is the annihilation of the parts and the communion of the whole.  Right now is everything."

   Darshan 4
   Path to the Light - Consciously Passing the Body
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In this profound discourse on the process of passing from this realm to the next, Mafu gives a detailed understanding of the stages one encounters in passing the body and the focus required to bypass the wheel of bardo and attain enlightenment to the true state of Self.

   Darshan 5
   The Other Side of the Veil
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In this continuation of Mafu's teachings on the process of what happens when one passes the body, Mafu explains how a soul leaves this world and is met and assisted by those who know and love this being.  Joining a conglomeration of souls, the soul merges into love as it continues its journey into the evolution of its Self realization.

    Path to the Light - Series I  (5 DVD Set)

     5 DVD Set (Darshans 1-5, discounted price) Price: $124.99
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