Mafu: Universal Darshans

In 1999, Ammaji (Mafu's oracle), witnessed her young teen-aged son in shared phone conversation with a half dozen of his friends and she immediately recognized teleconferencing as a way for those at a distance to be with the Guru in darshan.

Since then, thousands of disciples and students of Mafu from around the globe have joined together first, via telephone conferencing, and now via the internet to be with Mafu for these very special advents we call 'Universal Darshans'.

Mafu 'Universal Darshans' are an opportunity to sit in the presence of the Master, receive the highest wisdom, sweetest love and most beautiful shakti.

Speaking to a global audience, Mafu addresses all elements of life, both human and spiritual, dialoguing everything from emotion to enlightenment. This immersion in the river of the Master offers one the availability to realize one's own greatest Self.

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