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Lifetime Stories - Series I

   Darshan 1
   Story of the Secret of Fire
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In his quest to learn the secret of fire, Mafu tells the amazing story of a lifetime when he ventured into the center hollow of a mountain in Tibet to become one with the element of fire.  In this extraordinary story of passion and devotion to the path of Self realization, Mafu asks us to examine 'how powerful is our quest' to know what we seek to know.

   Darshan 2
   Knock Knock Story of a Seeker
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This is an hilarious story of a seeker knocking on the door of the ashram looking for the wisdom of enlightenment.  Through the use of his own example, Mafu examines the many faceted adventures of those seeking to know God as the Self and the many doorways that must be gone through on the path towards enlightenment.

   Darshan 3
   The Story of a Raindrop
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In this incredibly poetic story explaining the concept of reincarnation, Mafu tells of the journey of a single raindrop in its adventure to one day return home to God.  Being told to the innocent mind of a little boy, asking the question 'where do we come from', Mafu weaves a magical adventure in this tale of the journey to know we are loved by God and to become One with that which loves us.

   Darshan 4
   Blending the Two Worlds
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In this powerful and riveting darshan, Mafu relates the intimate story of his enlightenment and reveals his quest to remove the illusion of separation between God and Man;  that God consciousness can be inclusive as man and that man does not have to leave his man to know God consciousness.

   Darshan 5
   Swimming to Capri
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In this hilarious and deeply moving story, Mafu tells of his lifetime when he carried his Master on his back for three days swimming to the island of Capri.  Mafu examines the deep and profound love between a master and disciple, and the hardships that sometimes must be endured by the seeker in order for the heart to reveal the pure truth of love.

    Lifetime Stories - Series I  (5 DVD Set)

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