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Personal Empowerment - Series III

   Darshan 1
   Into the Center of Stillness
     Sample Video 
In this darshan Mafu explains how to transform disharmony into the stillness of balance, happiness and joy.

   Darshan 2
   The Secret Gate of Life
     Sample Video 
In this darshan Mafu expands our understanding of chakric consciousness and gives an initiation into the ancient "Secret Gate of Life".  He also gives a breath technique for clearing dense auric field energies by transmuting them into the light of happiness and joy.

   Darshan 3
   Defining Your Life with Happiness and Joy
     Sample Video 
In this funny darshan from a Los Angeles Intensive, Mafu dialogues releasing pain and how the power to attain peace is achieved when we begin to define all elements of our life through compassion, peace, happiness and joy.

    Personal Empowerment - Series III  (3 DVD Set)

     3 DVD Set (Darshans 1-3, discounted price) Price: $74.99
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