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Meditation Series VI

   Darshan 1
   Breath of Peace Initiation
     Sample Video 
Mafu expands the space of Self love meditation into the Breath of Peace.  In this essential meditation technique to invoke the quickening of our soul's evolution, Mafu guides the internal smile of the breath of peace to unify the powers of the Self focused on peace. 

   Darshan 2
   Meditation of the Self 
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In this sweeping transcendent meditation of the great Self, Mafu merges the Space of Self Love and Breath of Peace initiations.

   Darshan 3
   The Fountain of the Blossoming Lotus 
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In this most special meditation initiation towards conscious transcendence, Mafu grants visualization guidance to move our consciousness through the center of each chakra into the fountain of white light found within the blossoming lotus of the Self. 

   Darshan 4
   Parallel Consciousness Anointing 
     Sample Video 
"I am a Divine Action of My Love."  In this powerful meditation initiation, Mafu gives the special blessing of mantras to advance the consciousness of our soul's awareness to greater realization as he guides this white light visualization initiation. 

   Darshan 5
   Parallel Consciousness: The Mysteries of Life
     Sample Video 
Mafu expands upon the 'white light initiation' as he dialogues the principles of the mysteries of life, the purpose of our path (to love and to look for love in every experience of life) and the purpose of meditation and awakening.  Mafu's dialogue melts into a beautiful guided transcendent mantra meditation.  Mafu also initiates the white pyramid manifesting technique for manifesting abundance and joy in our human lives.  

    Meditation Series VI  (5 DVD Set)

     5 DVD Set (Darshans 1-5, discounted price) Price: $124.99
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