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Insight for Women - Series III

   Darshan 1
   Woman - The Creator Power
     Sample Video 
In this profound teaching, Mafu reveals manifesting techniques employing the 'nadis' (energy pathways) to transmute any worry or difficulty into the power of health, abundance and joy.  He explains how focused use of this technique will assist us in creating what we want in our lives.

   Darshan 2
   The Woman of the Inner Star
     Sample Video 
In this parable of a woman on the path of peace, Mafu explores the refined essence of love possessed by women.  This is an inspiring story about a woman Mafu met on his path who was a seeker of truth, or as he explains, a seeker of the 'Inner Star'.

   Darshan 3
   Heart of a Woman Meditation
     Sample Video 
Through teaching the art of 'puja', Mafu speaks of the courage and dignity that one who seeks to know truth must possess .  He then guides a profound healing meditation centered on the heart of a woman.

    Insight for Women - Series III  (3 DVD Set)

     3 DVD Set (Darshans 1-3, discounted price) Price: $74.99
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