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Universal Darshans Series IV

   Darshan 1
   The Necessity of Meditation on a Spiritual Path 
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Mafu dialogues the purpose of meditation, yoga and the importance of right posture in meditation. Mafu also initiates transcendent meditation and explains the significance of meditation for our lives.  Great for beginning meditators.

   Darshan 2
   The Beauty of the Path 
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Mafu dialogues the yoga of breath, breathing techniques and prana.  He discusses the vows of initiation and the unique qualities of men and woman, the Kali Yuga and the heart of compassion. Mafu also explains the beauty of this path and reminds us that "we have only so many breaths allotted in this lifetime, use them wisely."

   Darshan 3
   The Hidden Child in the Subconscious Mind
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In this darshan Mafu tells us we are already avatars who are hypnotized into believing we are human.  He explains how to evaluate who we are and what we believe, not in the conscious mind, but in the hidden subconscious mind.  Mafu provides amazing wisdom on the process of the spiritual path and opening the doors to the subconscious mind where "you" are hidden.  Mafu also guides a powerful transcendent meditation. 

   Darshan 4
   Prana Veda - The Breath of Life
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"It is the breath you must give in to to have life".  In this remarkable discourse on the breath, Mafu examines the significance and essence of the breath explaining in depth the qualities and properties of the breath.  Prana Veda - the breath of life.  Mafu also gives a fundamental understanding of meditation answering the most prominent questions for a beginning meditator. Mafu then guides a transcendent meditation for the beginning meditator. 

   Darshan 5
   The Great Field of Consciousness
     Sample Video 
In this very funny dialogue, Mafu initiates a transcendent meditation for beginning meditators, explaining the importance of the breath and its movement in the body.  He guides a short meditation utilizing and explaining two transcendent mantras followed by integration.  Mafu also gives a fascinating talk on the balancing of karmas between the east and west and how we will see more and more harmonizing and exchange as the American government becomes more and more benevolent to countries in need.  Mafu discusses the great field of consciousness and how it becomes seeded through the many great meditators in the many great ashrams around the planet.  In addition, Mafu stresses the importance of respecting all paths equally for any path walked purely attains the One.

    Universal Darshans Series IV  (5 DVD Set)

     5 DVD Set (Darshans 1-5, discounted price) Price: $124.99
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