Meditation Series V

   Darshan 1
   Open Eye Sitting Meditation
     Sample Video 
In this most important meditation initiation, Mafu teaches how to meditate with open eyes explaining the process and importance of fixity meditation.

   Darshan 2
  The Seed of Kundalini Meditation
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This is a major meditation initiation into the seed of the Kundalini focused in the root chakra.  Mafu guides this transcendent meditation while explaining how this technique reorganizes our fields of energy to magnify our power and synchronize our meditations.

   Darshan 3
   Light Body Meditation 
     Sample Video 
In this powerful meditation, Mafu begins with yoga instruction unfolding into the small circle breath of the sacred light body leading to a guided transcendent meditation.

   Darshan 4
   The Space of Self Love
     Sample Video 
In this historic initiation from the Gold Coast in Australia, Mafu guides a meditation returning to the transcendent space of the Self.  Mafu explains the fragile relationship between a spiritualist walking upon its path and the awakening Self, and instructs us how to find the gateway to the space inside our hearts where the love of Self can be trusted. 

    Meditation Series V  (4 DVD Set)

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