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Audio Cd's - Ashram Chants II

More Info    Yoga of Devotion
1 - Sunrise Prayer
2 - Prayer of a Bodhisattva
3 - Yoga of Devotion (Bhagavad-Gita)
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Track 1:  Mafu poetically addresses the magnificence of the rising sun in this prayer of affirmation to greet the new day.

Track 2:  In this extremely popular prayer played daily by all faiths around the world, the universal 'Prayer of the Bodhisattva' , Mafu speaks of walking each day wih an open heart.  He invokes the promise and commitment of all bodhisattvas to walk empowered as humans and as givers of love and beauty to all.

Track 3:  Ammaji, while in transcendence, beautifully chants the 'Yoga of Devotion' (Chapter 12) from the Bhagavad Gita in sanskrit accompanied by a single drum.

More Info    Cosmic Power
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Mafu invokes the many sounds of deity to assist in awakening human consciousness in this chant performed during the opening ceremonies of Mafu's Paramatman Dharma Ashram.  In a call and response with his many disciples, Mafu invites the powers of Jesus, Siva, Buddha and all great Masters of the light during this blessing of Paramatman Dharma (The Way of the Supreme Spirit).

More Info    Cherish Your Life
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In this inspirational dialogue from a children's darshan, Mafu reminds us of the importance of cherishing who we are and how the exuberant celebration of our lives reveals the power to be awakened within.

More Info    Om Nama Siva
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Swami chants the name of Siva in a rousing call and response with the audience.  From hauntingly beautiful to wild and ecstatic, Ammaji, in harmony with the musicians and other vocalists, takes everyone on a spiritual journey through imbibing the name of God.

More Info    Iche Isa
1 - Introductory Mantras
2 - Iche Isa
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Ammaji chants 'Iche Iche Isa' in celebration of the Guru/disciple relationship.  Iche Iche means 'we are one' and Isa is the name Mafu is known by in the higher dimensions where Ammaji studies. This powerful chant builds a bridge of awakening to the place we long to remember.

    5 Audio CD Set - Series II

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