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Audio Cd's - Ashram Artists

More Info    Ashram Live :: Sri Isa Mafu & Chris Neville
1 - Spirit's Way
2 - WindTalker
3 - Integration
4 - Ceremony  Sample Audio 
This unique CD, recorded live at Mafu's Paramatman Dharma Ashram features the call of the Master with Mafu playing the Taiko drum being answered by the disciple through the sound of the didgeridoo, played by Chris Neville.  Mafu's guest, Chris Neville, has performed with the Gyotu Monks of Tibet, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, and at many international events and festivals around the world.

More Info    Anjea Dreaming ~ Life Cycles :: Chris Neville
1 - Love's Whisper
2 - The Calling
3 - Life Cycles
   Sample Audio 
Anjea is the aboriginal 'Goddess of Fertility'.  This CD is in honour of women and mothers globally who give birth and bring new life into the world and at times support life to leave this one.  The Cycles of Life: the new, the old and every breath in between, is a cherished possibility, to respect all of its expressions and cultural diversity... the many colours making one rainbow.

The didgeridoo sounds were inspired to welcome the newborn life and farewell that which is passing over, whilst relishing the living present.

More Info    One :: DJ Infinity
1 - One
2 - Devotion
   Sample Audio 
In 'One', DJ Infinity blends a medley of sound, combining the powerful chanting, drumming and meditations of Sri Isa Mafu and the transcendent chanting of Swami Paramananda Saraswatti, with strong electronic rhythms.  Its driving beat and exotic sounds seduce the listener into a state of ecstatic trance.

'One' also utilizes the sound of the ancient didgeridoo, with master player Chris Neville joined by Lauren Rubin and Andrew Rubin, while the lions of the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary perform their night calls.  The unique calls of sea mammals are added to the mix to create this fascinating blend of tone and feeling.

This music is used for dynamic meditation, dance and movement, permitting the body and mind to move into trance.

More Info    The Art of Trance :: DJ Infinity
1 - In the Beginning
2 - Follow the Sun
3 - Sound of Life
4 - Strength  Sample Audio 
This musical journey blends the power of Sanskrit chant, trance inducing electronic sounds and tribal rhythms to create a moving experience that can carry the listener into a transcendent state.

More Info    The Sound Hu :: DJ Infinity
Deep Trance Music Meditation
1 - Hu
2 - Siva
   Sample Audio 
'The Sound HU' features subterranean synths and various beats overlaid with the transcendent call of Hu.  A wild blend of Sanskrit chant, meditation and deep seductive sounds are intricately woven to produce a trance like state.

More Info    Bhakti :: DJ Infinity
1 - Keep on Dancin
2 - Let Yourself Go
3 - Body of Sound
4 - Bhakti . Devotional Mix  Sample Audio 
'Bhakti' is a devotional dance mix of many electronic styles layered with sanskrit chant and meditative sounds creating an explosive experience for your mind, body and soul.

More Info    Union :: DJ Infinity
1 - Fusion
2 - Union
   Sample Audio 
'Union' is a collage of many electronic styles including breakbeat, electro and trance fused with many other instruments and sounds.   It's intricate tonal patterns and beats connect you with your inner self and keep you moving.

More Info    Celebrate Life :: DJ Infinity
1 - Human and Wild
2 - Can you Hear the Wind
3 - Celebrate Life . Danny's Song
   Sample Audio 
In 'Celebrate Life" Molly Needleman magically weaves the sounds of contemporary music with the explosive and beautiful drumming, chanting and meditations of Sri Isa Mafu in combination with the radiant chanting of Swami Paramananda Saraswatti.

Also included in this recording are the sounds of the didgeridoo played by Chris Neville (didgeridoo Master), the exotic animals of the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary while they were performing their night calls, the sounds of whales and dolphins and the sound of humans chanting.  This penetrating and outstanding CD is used for dynamic meditations, exercise and dance.

More Info    The Mind is the Power :: DJ Infinity
1 - I Am So Happy
2 - 'To Life'
3 - To the ONE, Love
4 - I Create Right Now!  Sample Audio 
This extraordinary composition of breakbeat, electro, trance, techno and sanskrit chant contains powerful aphorisms for your life.?nbsp;Let the music take you beyond your wildest dreams and let the words inspire you to become greater.

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