Mafu Darshans 133 & 105 mins
Power of the Mind in Manifestation 11-16,17-07
Two Darshan Set - via Immediate Download or DVD!
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"To conquer the mind, you must practice!
To be skilled in mind mastery, you must practice!
Practice is easy and wonderful!
God wants you to Be Happy!  God wants you to Be Healthy!  God wants you to Be Wealthy!
God wants you to Awaken and Enlighten!"

The Foundation for Meditative Studies is pleased to announce that we are making available immediately the incredible 'Power of the Mind in Manifestation' series, Parts I & II, originally webcast live on November 16 & 17, 2007 with Mafu from Paramatman Dharma.

In these two darshans, Mafu explains and enriches within us the Law of Attraction, the Law of Self Approval, the Law of Gratitude and the Law of I AM through awareness of the Conviction Phenomenon!  He shares with us how what we believe and are convinced of subconsciously in our inner beliefs is what drives and creates our lives and behavior externally.  He encourages and empowers us to change our subconscious mind so we will change our lives now and forever!

Mafu gives us the tools to re-educate our inner beliefs, locate the negative/failure receptors and change the foundation of our inner beliefs to attract precisely what we want in our lives.  These videos will enable anyone to step-by-step, thought-by-thought, inner belief-by-inner belief practice bringing into harmony exactly what you Will Yourself to Be!

This wisdom is so important to consistently practice and imbibe in order to create the lives that we desire that we have been working around the clock to make these darshans available to everyone. At this time, while the DVD's themselves are being duplicated, both darshans are available online as permanent downloads.  You may either purchase a download for viewing right now or place your order for the actual 2-DVD set which we will ship as soon as it arrives next week.

Now is the time to re-educate our subconscious mind and Manifest Destiny with Empowered Thinking and take the Right Actions and make the Right Decisions to make Monumental Leaps Forward in our Lives!

This is an amazing time for all of us to create the life of our dreams and we are extremely grateful to Mafu and to our Swami, Ammaji, for bringing Him to us.  Hare!  Hare!  Santih, Santih,  Aum!
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