Mafu Darshan (4 Darshan Set)              65, 120, 150, 120 mins
The Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Awakening
Available via Immediate Download or DVD!   1-16,18,19,20-08
Paramatman Dharma Ashram
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"Focus only on what you want to be True.  Attract it through Self Forgiveness and
then write it down!  Be thankful for it.  See it over and over and over again.
Build a Momentum of this Truth and the Soul will accept it because the
subconscious is the slave to what you Absolutely Focus on.  It is very
important to make certain on your own and in your own body, within
your own Soul, within your own Mind, your own Heart, that you can
cleanse from you what does not serve you.  And eat and see
and think and breathe and feel what does serve you."
~ Mafu

The Foundation for Meditative Studies is pleased to announce that Mafu's incredibly powerful ‘Manifest Destiny’ Universal Darshans from January 2008 are being released for immediate download or as a DVD Set of four Darshans entitled ‘The Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Awakening’.

In this mind-opening and profound 4 DVD Manifest Destiny Workshop, Mafu reveals the Secret Teachings of four 'Universal Laws'; the Law of Self-Approval, the Law of Conviction, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Gratitude which, when applied, result in the manifestation and fulfillment of all that we dream in our lives.

What we believe and are convinced of subconsciously completely affects our life and behavior.  These darshans will assist you to uncover and change your subconscious mind and, therefore, change your life forever.  'Mafu also guides in-depth meditations using sound and light frequencies as well as gives detailed tools and techniques to apply in our day to day lives to manifest Absolute Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Awakening.

This 8 hour series of 4 enlightening and practical workshops offers a comprehensive understanding of how to apply the Power of the Laws of the Universe and how to change the subconscious mind to release all doubt, fear and judgment using the Universal Light of Forgiveness and Consciousness to move into the true experience of Self Approval, Self Empowerment and therefore Mastery of the Law of Attraction.

These four previously unreleased ‘Manifest Destiny’ Universal Darshans were granted by Mafu in January 2008, at the beginning of the ‘Year of Unity’ where Mafu gives us the wisdom and important daily practical application of the 'Laws of the Universe'.

Join us with Mafu as we continue to direct our Positive Receptors with Right Thought, building our Subconscious/Reactive Mind Brand New and utilizing the Laws of the Universe to clear out what does not serve us any longer and establish what we Intend, what we want for our Lives in our Inner Beliefs, that causes our Lives to be Invincible with the Power of Mastering our Minds!

Darshan 1 - Turning the Invisible to the Visible

"In the Law of Attraction you must employ the color of Self Approval,
in order to have Self Approval you must Forgive yourself and
you must Forgive all living beings."

In this very special darshan for Manifesting Health, Wealth and Awakening, Mafu reveals the secret of the dollar sign in its relationship to Kundalini Power.  Mafu teaches the stringlet theory of harmonization and guides a powerful meditation using the ancient knowledge of Sri Chakra to Manifest Prosperity through Self Empowerment.

Darshan 2 - The Conviction Phenomena

"This is the very special tool in the Power of Conviction when we go into your inner belief and we envelop your mind with it through meditation, through Self meditation.
I want you to already be there.  I want you to already have it and so find a place
just like you have this Temple or in the internet at your desk where your computer is,
or your television.  Maybe you’re on your floor, your chair, your bed,
elevating above everything.  I want you to have that picture,
because you want to have that picture,
because that is how Conviction works."

In this profound in-depth discourse on the purpose and power of conviction, Mafu guides us with detailed imagery of the understanding and application of the Conviction phenomena to create the empowerment and fulfillment of our greatest dreams in our human lives.  Mafu also guides an empowered meditation using music, Mantra and sound imagery for Abundance, Health, Economic Prosperity and Awakening.

Darshan 3 - The Law of Self Approval

"You have the wonderful success receptor and that is why you are thriving spiritually.
You are thriving Spiritually because there’s this wonderful element in you,
as you, called I AM Life!  I AM Love!
And you’ve got to have a conversation really with that one in you…"

In this powerful dialogue on the absolute necessity to release all doubt, fear and judgment through the forgiveness of One’s Self and all others, Mafu teaches specific tools and techniques to encounter and dissolve all judgment using Forgiveness as the Path to the invocation of the Law of Self Approval.  Mafu guides a Transcendent Meditation to Attain and Harmonize to the Absolute Success and Empowerment of our greatest dreams as we walk in our day to day lives.

Darshan 4 - The Law of Attraction / The Law of Gratitude

"The only way to test the Truth of right thinking and of the experience of yourself as God in God from God through God as God, the only way to do it is to test it with the right mind.
We talked about the Phenomenon of Conviction and the Phenomenon of Self Approval or the Forgiveness of yourself and all others but now we must really start to understand..."

Mafu continues the unfoldment of his ‘Manifest Destiny Series’ with this in-depth understanding of how to create absolute Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Awakening using the Universal Principles of the Law of Attraction.  Using scientific sound frequency with the power of directed thought, Mafu teaches the tools for consciously manifesting exactly what we desire.  In addition, Mafu initiates the pure Vedic sounds of each Chakra and guides a Prosperity Meditation to harmonize all elements of the Self to the Abundance of Health, Wealth and Awakening.

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