Mafu Darshans 78 & 90 mins
Success and Power in Business and in Life    1-8,23-10
      Part I  - 'Breaking Old Habits'
      Part II - 'Developing New Habits'
Two Darshan Set (via Immediate Download or DVD)
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The difference between success and failure at what you look to accomplish
is the strength of your Will to adapt to whatever change you must make
to create New Habits that will Empower you into what you Will to do."

The Foundation for Meditative Studies is happy to announce the release of two poignant and powerful Darshans with Mafu from January, 2010 as a 2 Part DVD Set entitled ‘Success and Power in Business and in Life’.

In these beautiful Darshans Mafu reveals how to become Empowered and Successful by releasing self destructive habitual natures and recreating new habits geared for our Successful Active Self Empowerment to manifest our greatest dreams, and to become the Stewards of our Existence for our own Personal Invincible Success!

Mafu also shares practical methods using aphorisms and guided meditation to Master the Mind as well as ‘Ki’ movements utilizing ancient sounds and breath to wholly Empower the Creation of what you Will.

Practicing these techniques for Success in Manifesting what We Will by releasing the habit of failure, will Magnetically Attract through Purposeful Thought and Action, Our Absolute Success, Our Prosperity of Wealth, Health and Awakening!

"I Will that I am Confident and Kind and I Will that I have a Magnetizing
Personality that Draws others to me and I Will that I Remember my Dreams!
I know I have a Choice to live like one of the Master’s from the Far East or
I can live like one of the westerner’s that have heard about them
and I can live in the habit of ‘sort of and then...’
Can you meditate? If you can, that is part of your Palace, your Majesty.
Celebrate it Everyday."

We greatly appreciate your participation with us to Create these Gateway Openings Into the Truth of Who We Are and What We Are Capable of Doing!  Hare!  Hare!  Santih, Santih, Aum!

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