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Prayer Flags :: Tibetan

Style:  Wind Horse (Lung Ta)
Number of Flags:  25
Size of Flags:  14" x 17"
Length:  34 feet (approx)
Number of Colors:  5

The first picture above shows the many payer flags streaming prayers upon the wind outside the temple at Paramatman Dharma.

The "wind horse" design is a classic prayer flag motif.  In fact the Tibetan term Lung Ta literally means wind horse, and has become practically synonymous with the English term "prayer flag".

In the upper left corner the "kyung", who may be thought of as the Lord of Birds is pictured.  He is unsurpassed in his ability to diminish diseases, and thwart the malevolent influences which the class of beings known as "Nagas" may inflict.  In the upper right corner the "druk" or dragon is pictured.  The dragon is associated with the power of the sky and sound.  The force of the dragon's roar compels beings to awake from the cloudy obstruction of ignorance.

In the lower left we see "senge", the lion - lord of beasts and the symbol of strength and freedom from fear.  In the lower right is "tag" or the tiger - which symbolizes confidence and the satisfaction which one may justifiably rest in when one has become firmly established on the path of Dharma.

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